The Halloween Pumpkin

This cute pumpkin will become a great part of your Home Decor this Halloween. Not only does it look cute but with the added cinnamon stick stem it is sure to keep your home smelling like Fall. I am, honored to have this pattern included in the Halloween Blog Hop with Itchin’ for some Stitchin’.

The pattern is easy to follow and works up so beautifully.

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You will need:

5mm hook

Poly-fil or yarn scraps for stuffing

Scissors( I love these Vintage looking ones!)

Medium (4) weight yarn (I used Lion brand Heartland linked here)

Tapestry Needle (This is a 4-pack)

Gauge 4×4 inches is 18 St by 16 rows


St- Stitch
HHDC- Herringbone Half double
Sl st- Slip Stitch
Sc- Single Crochet
Sc2tog- single crochet two together

Start by ch.24

Row 1- In the 3 Ch from the hook crochet 22 HHDC. When you get to the end Ch2 and turn

Row 2-46 HHDC in every St starting with the last st from the previous row. CH 2 turn. Weave in the starting end.

Row 47- Ch 1. fold the fabric in half. sl st the two sides together to form
a cylinder. ch 1

Make a long tail. Using a tapestry needle go in and out of the ch 2 through each row. Cinch together. Flip inside out. Sew the cinched hole shut. Flip ride side out and make sure you’re happy with how it looks. You can go back and forth with the left over tail on the outside to smooth the cinch if needed.

Stuff the pumpkin with poly-fil till its to your liking. attach the yarn to the
top of the pumpkin

Closing the pumpkin:
Round 1- Sc2tog all around the top. Sl st in the first stitch in the round.
Cut a long tail. weave in and out around the top. Cinch but leave a small hole.

Tie a knot to finish the project and weave in the ends.
Insert a cinnamon stick or a regular stick as the stem.

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