Ridged Headband

This stitch is one of my favorites and I have used it as part of the Blog Hop with Carroway Crochet and Fosbas Designs

This technique is easy to follow and works up so beautifully. This headband is great for market prep and will be sure to sell out.

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You will need:

5mm hook

Scissors( I love these Vintage looking ones!)

Medium (4) weight yarn (I used Lion brand Heartland linked here)

Tapestry Needle (This is a 4-pack)

Gauge Gauge is not as important for this project since you are using a measuring tape


CH- Chain
• St- Stitch
• SC- Single Crochet
• DC- Double Crochet
• FPDC- Front post double Crochet

You should be familiar with common stitches ie. single crochet, double crochet, front post double crochet and making a chain.


Start by making a chain ½ – 1 inch larger than you need. CH one more as turning chain, turn. The average woman’s head is about 22.5 inches

Row 1- SC in every St starting with the second chain from the hook. CH 2 and turn.

Row 2- DC in every St starting with 3rd chain from the hook CH 2 turn

Row 3- DC in first St, FPDC in the second st, DC in next stitch, FPDC in next stitch. Keep alternating for the entire row. CH 2 turn

Row 4- DC in every st of the row. CH 2 turn

Row 5- DC in first stitch, FPDC in the next stitch. DC next stitch, FPDC in next stitch. Keep alternating to the end of the row. CH 2 turn

Row 6- DC every stitch

Repeat row 5 and 6 until you get 11-13 rows (Depending on how wide you want the band) ending on row 5.

Once you have your desired length CH 1 and turn

Row 12/14- single crochet in every stitch. Fasten off leaving a long tail about 18 inches in length.

The Twist

For this part make sure the band is inside out.

Hold the two ends of the band together

Line up the sides so the top of one is at the middle of the end of the other side of the band. Like this:

Fold the top down and the bottom up forming 4 layers. Like this:

Using a darning needle take the tail and weave through all 4 layers of the headband stitch by stitch. Go back and forth two times. Fasten off and tie an extra knot so it will not come undone.

Flip right side out and there you have the ridged headband.

Download the PDF here:

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